January 30, 2008

Cops to police moral panic spreading in New Zealand

There may be an unfortunate spate of murders since the New Year in New Zealand, but our boys in blue have far bigger moral fish to fry. A crackdown (no less, according to the Sun newspaper in Britain) on a popular dress code among fans of rugby 7s, the mankini, inspired by Borat, because the rugby 7s is supposed to be a "family" event.
Never mind that your average youth will hit you in the head or laugh at you out loud when you are wearing a mankini, the one thing he won't be is scared or offended by it.
And don't the cops know that a rugby 7s event is for adults only, to get boisterously drunk and to dress outrageously up?
in this Summer weather we're having it's a delight to see that men dress appropriately and daringly. Viewing and attendance figures can only improve - we all know rugby can do with that after last year's debacle. The policemen should offer to apply sunscreen on the mankini boys instead of booking them (unless as models)

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