January 26, 2008

John Waters's axiom rings true again

"All men look better under arrest" has rarely been illustrated so accurately than in the North Shore courtroom this week, when one of the accused of a vicious assault on two couples stood before the judge with his prison boiler suit stripped down to the waist.
I don't know whether this show was a result of a do-or-dare concocted by the remand prisoners, or a particularly blatant advertisement for his body by Jonathon "Jono" Paul Wilson. In any case, if I were a jailbird I'd be licking my chops in anticipation of what may be coming my way as a cell mate for what will undoubtedly Mr Wilson's best years of his life. Prison isn't usually kind on lithe adolescent bodies, as they frequently come out overweight and adorned with fight marks and home made tattoos. He'll be a blank canvas to work on, if the judge allows it.

Picture from the NZ Herald

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