February 18, 2008

A queen never carries cash

I was walking down the road to get my lunch the other day, when I was accosted by a beggar. He was well height-weight disproportionate on the upside so he didn't particularly tug on my charity strings. I'm a terrible charity giver at best, I admit. I work for a charity so I think I already give every day of my working life, thank you. Anyway, his charity was of the personal kind and he asked me for 20c. Twenty cents! Considering he would be standing there for a very long time to make even the minimum wage he could make in an hour when working, I was wondering why ask for such a ridiculously low amount? Would you score more as in asking for less means getting more? And who carries 20c pieces these days anyway?
I had to give him the standard gay response: as a queen I never have cash on me, only plastic.
Perhaps more enterprising beggars in the future will hold out their hand-held electronic cash transfer terminals. It would certainly be an idea in a gay neighbourhood.

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