March 05, 2008

2007 Durex Global Sex Survey

Durex released sparingly some of its annual results, so let's have a look at them:
The number of sexual partners varies considerably from person to person – the global averages are:
o heterosexual men – 13 female partners
o heterosexual women – 7 male partners
o homosexual men – 108 male partners
o homosexual women – 11 female partners
o bisexual men – 21 male & 14 female partners
o bisexual women – 13 male & 3 female partners

The Austrians top the league as the world's most experienced lovers - Austrian men have had 29 sexual partners and Austrian women 17. The Chinese have had the fewest sexual partners, with an average of four for men and two for women.
In almost every country, men have had more partners than women - the only exception is New Zealand where the women's average of 20 lovers is three more than the men's.
Did you get that? Some NZ guys get plenty of the ladies! Or do I read that wrong and some guys do plenty of overtime.
Gay guys having on average six times the number of partners straight guys have is not a surprise, surely.
New Zealand is surprisingly low on the percentage of people who have weekly sex 63%, on a par with the Netherlands but way below Greece at 87%.

I commented on the 2004 and 2005 survey results here.

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