March 09, 2008

Barebacking on the BBC

One of the things I regretted most leaving behind when emigrating to New Zealand from the UK was BBC Two's Newsnight. This is simply the most terrific news programme and even alone worth the broadcasting licence fee. Hosted by Kirsty Wark and Jeremy "The Pax" Paxman (picture left) and a few others, all well-loved, well-respected, and above all, a joy to watch them make politicians and other interviewees squirm, it made some brief appearances on BBC World Service Television when it first started but was dropped when the station was re-branded as a 24/7 news channel.
But now it's back, in a weekly omnibus edition for world audiences. It's one news programme you should not miss.
Last night, a very topical issue was handled quite sensibly: gay bareback porn and its popularity, its money spinning niche market status and its lethality for performers. Watch the clip here.
I have blogged against bareback videos before. But the final interview on the clip with the infected porn performer who didn't give a shit because "got it already anyway" showed again what dumbasses some of those young queens are, and they shouldn't be too surprised if they get beaten up or worse by other dumbass bigots.

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