March 14, 2008

When you turn 18, everything is fabulous

Inspired by Diamond Geezer's 18th birthday song chart, I was intrigued enough to go looking at what was #1 in the (UK) charts on my 18th birthday.
And guess what.
You are not going to believe this!
It was Abba's "Dancing Queen". Honestly!. (We shall ignore, as usual, the US Billboard chart where "You Should Be Dancing" by the Beegees was #1 then, blegh! On my actual day of birth "Volare" was #1, so much better!)
You surely know me not as an Abba queen, but I do remember seeing them win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. When you're sweet 16 you don't want anything else.

Of course there is only one more interesting entry in that 18th birthday week's chart - if Top 40 music can ever be called interesting - and this was before punk assaulted it: Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel "Here Comes The Sun". I presume that was a Beatles remake. Steve Harley has always been intriguing and probably the only artist I would buy still.

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