March 26, 2008

Easter decadence

The longest weekend in the New Zealand calendar and what a scorcher it was. We spent most late afternoons on the beach admiring the many foreign pale backpackers gingerly taking all their clothes off, goofing around taking pictures of each other to prove to the folks back home it's still summer here. On top of that, of course, marvellous wining and dining and partying around the island. Waiheke is rapidly becoming the Ibiza of the South Pacific!
And in between, sleepily lying around, trying to keep an eye on a very bloody season on UKTV, which was screening all its detective fiction series back to back for the duration. The Brits do murder so well, in a far more entertaining way than series like CSI. But only keeping half an eye on the plot trying to figure out whodunit, it enabled my brain to explore other aspects of the televisual feast.
And the big thing that struck me was that in practically every series at least one of the actors has been or is in a comedy series too. Let's take an overview:

Whodunit series -- Actor -- Comedy series
Waking the Dead -- Sue Johnston -- The Royle Family
A Touch of Frost -- David Jason -- Only Fools And Horses
Foyle's War -- Gerard Kearns -- Shameless
Cracker -- Robbie Coltraine -- Blackadder
Midsomer Murders -- John Nettles -- The Liver Birds
Silent Witness -- Amanda Burton -- Boon
Inspector Morse -- Kevin Whately -- Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
Judge John Deed -- Martin Shaw -- Doctor in the House
Jericho -- Robert Lindsay -- My Family
Jonathan Creek -- Caroline Quentin -- Men Behaving Badly
Dalziel and Pascoe -- Warren Clarke -- Blackadder

All that blood and gore was made so much more watchable by treating it as comedy

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