April 04, 2008

Sex in the news

At first I thought it was a leaked script from an unreleased episode of "Allo! Allo!" but it takes that paragon of journalistic British pride, the "News of the World" to give us the inside running:
FORMULA One motor racing chief Max Mosley is today exposed as a secret sado-masochist sex pervert.

The son of infamous British wartime fascist leader Oswald Mosley is filmed romping with five hookers at a depraved NAZI-STYLE orgy in a torture dungeon. Mosley - a friend to F1 big names like Bernie Ecclestone and Lewis Hamilton - barks ORDERS in GERMAN as he lashes girls wearing mock DEATH CAMP uniforms and enjoys being whipped until he BLEEDS.
The multi-millionaire son of Sir Oswald, who was a pal of Adolf Hitler, plays a concentration camp commandant in a FIVE-HOUR torture chamber video.
Mosley - the most powerful man in motor-racing - barks orders in German as he WHIPS two hookers dressed in striped uniforms reminiscent of AUSCHWITZ garb while girls in Nazi uniforms look on.
At one point the wrinkled 67-year-old—who publicly likes to give the impression he has put his father's evil legacy behind him—yells "she needs more of ze punishment!" while brandishing a LEATHER STRAP over a brunette's naked bottom.
Then the lashes rain down as Mosley counts them out in German: "Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Fünf! Sechs!"
With each blow, the girl yelps in pain as grinning, grey-haired Mosley becomes clearly aroused. And after the beating, he makes her perform a sex act on him.
Unhelpfully, they have removed the pictures and video that were previously there and in the printed paper. So maybe it wasn't all that saucy. But the old adage that the only good sex in Britain is "scandalous sex", still rings true.

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