September 30, 2008

Taupo and Kerosine Creek

A week off in the countryside saw us staying at a bach (the same one as last time) on the western foreshore of Lake Taupo, with an occasional brilliant view of the snowed under Central Plateau volcanoes, and a more occasional bracing westerly biting breeze, which whipped up some good waves. This year I took a Rupert Everett book "Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins" (last time it was Catch-22. A bit of a romp, but far too much name-dropping for my liking. And is it just my imagination but does everybody he associated with comes to a sticky end soon after he mentions them? Must be the Catholic in him. I haven't finished the book yet.
Highlight of the holiday was Kerosine Creek, just south of Rotorua (pictures here), a hot water stream accessible for free and now that they have cut down some forests around it to create a sunny spot for a picnic after your soak too.

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