August 31, 2004

A freezing weekend in Taupo

The lake looked magnificent, as ever, and the massive snow cover on the three volcanoes in the background made it all look like a postcard-perfect picture. Highlights were a nighttime visit to the hotpools - even at minus 5 centigrade it was just a great experience, especially since it was about full moon too.
The only jarring note: a roadside placard in deepest Waikato - a truly scary place at the best of times - from an outfit called Promise Keepers, you know the ones that are trying so hard to keep temptation under control (I sought hard for any temptations in Cambridge but apart from a few non-suspended local high school boys the pickings were thin). The board said:
"Turning Ordinary Boys into Extraordinary Men."
I thought that was the motto of Junction 135, Hamilton's gay cruise club.

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