November 12, 2008

Gays prefer Kerry to Obama

Every last little electoral demographic is being poured over in the USA to determine who likes what more than the next guy, presumably to better hone the messages for the intended target next time.
A "surprising" factoid came to light that 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry scored better with teh gayz than Obama did this year, 7% better.
Why would that be?
My hunch is that, putting my shallow thinking cap on, we have to look at what Kerry and McCain have in common, rather than what sets Obama apart from McCain for gays. And that's rather obvious: they both have glamorous, filthy rich wives. Cindy "Anheuser-Busch" McCain and Teresa "Heinz" Kerry. Perhaps many (closeted and otherwise) gay men quite fancy the life of a kept boy by a rich woman, and then be able to do what you like. Not my idea of a good life but maybe many think it's less arduous than being married to a career wife such as Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton.

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