January 28, 2009

Nude teen, freshly showered, bashes policewoman

From the NZ Herald:
"A policewoman is in Middlemore Hospital with "horrific injuries" after being bashed up by a naked teen in Pakuranga yesterday."
After a hard day's work of robbing the local grocery store twice with a toy pistol, the officer and a male colleague arrived at his house, the boy was in the shower.
"He fled wearing only a towel. They chased him, splitting up as they ran. When the policewoman tried to stop the teen, he whacked her many times in the face."
It's unclear from the reporting whether he had lost his towel by then.
"Police dogs caught the boy, who was by then naked, in a property neighbouring a reserve at the end of Pandora Place."
I would appeal to you readers what would be an appropriate sentence for this naked mayhem. Mine, as always, would be to publish his appearance on arrest, as a public service and as a deterrence. Not that it would deter the more exhibitionistically inclined criminals, of course, but it would give the jailbirds a preview of things to come.

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