January 28, 2009

Going global at the bottom of the world

New Zealand is 12th in the world of most globalised countries and is the highest ranked country in the Asia Pacific region. The KOF Index in Switzerland released its rankings and has Belgium at the top.
In the economic globalisation stakes we are 15th. In social globalisation, 12th, but only 57th in political globalisation (mainly because we don't have embassies in every country and don't take part in many UN missions - hence the low scores of many small nations).
New Zealand made the greatest progress over the year among the most globalised countries, up 8 places.
The KOF Index of Globalisation measures the three main dimensions of globalisation:
* economic
* social
* and political.
In addition to three indices measuring these dimensions, it calculates an overall index of globalisation and sub-indices referring to
* actual economic flows
* economic restrictions
* data on information flows
* data on personal contact
* and data on cultural proximity.
Data are available on a yearly basis for 158 countries over the period 1970-2006.

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