February 10, 2009

NZ pride

The annual Big Gay Out came and went again last weekend. I didn't attend again either since it's every year very much of a muchness.
The main difference this year was the presence of the new Prime Minister, but it wasn't his first visit either. John Key, apparently, got on stage for some community singalong and dancing with a few massive drag queens. Picture here.

And doesn't Buffy (pictured left) look just like Jeremy Clarkson in drag?

A sour note was struck by the PM, not just by voting against the Civil Union Bill, but also by questioning the $47 million spending on the Governor-General's residence in Wellington, plus:
"he revealed that he has cancelled the $400,000 budgeted upgrade to the soft furnishings at his own official residence in Wellington, Premier House."
This revelation will cause apoplexy among his new friends as they take a very dim view on economising on soft furnishings, credit crunch or not.
It just shows how easily you win and lose friends, all in a gay day's PR spin.

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