January 31, 2009

Iceland rocks

As the international recession rumbles on with most government officials everywhere scrambling to get rescue and bail out packages out on the market - greatly upsetting freshly minted presidents as the loot disappears into merchant bankers' pockets as "bonus" payments - the New Zealand Treasury's advice to the new National Government was elegant and simple: do nothing (except tax cuts for upper incomes). Hardly innovative as they advised the same thing in the 1930s and see what happened then (the 1930s Labour Government wisely ignored that advice, and so did Roosevelt and Hitler, each in their own way and with differing aims).

Iceland is going to take a whole new approach to stem its economic woes: it's calling in the lesbian air hostesses to the rescue. We all know that no-nonsense policies, sensible footwear and potluck dinners will save the day, so we wish Ms Johanna Sigurdardottir all the best. Don't let the slurry epithets, such as "Prime Muncher", divert you from the job. But please don't stimulate your economy by increasing the whale catch.

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