June 03, 2009

New Zealand is most peaceful country on earth

Oh how we love international rankings, especially when we come on top or in the top 10: least corrupt and one of the best cities to live in. And now most peaceful country on earth (up from #4 last year) in the Global Peace Index:
1. New Zealand
2. Denmark
3. Norway
4. Iceland
5. Austria
6. Sweden
7. Japan
8. Canada
9. Finland
9. Slovenia
10. Czech Republic

It's not difficult to draw some conclusions from this top 10 and post some theses:
- The more secular/atheist a country, the more peaceful it is
- The more religious a country, the more belligerent (and internally repressive and violent)
- The more respect for human rights, the more peaceful

And it's remarkable how respect for gay rights correlates highly with the peace: Compare the peace index map with the world gay rights map:
Love instead of war is something we queers are good at (irate drag queens notwithstanding).

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