June 09, 2009

The greening and righting of Europe

The European Parliamentary elections delivered some stunning results: UK Labour got hammered; the BNP got 2 seats (I have dealt to that party earlier), and Geert Wilders 4; The Swedish Pirate Party got in too.
But to my mind the biggest surprise was the stunning Green victory in France, almost overtaking the French Socialists. 14 French Green MEPs will now join the 14 German ones - a fitting tribute to tireless Greens leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit (himself an icon of European integration being both French and German). The Green faction in the European Parliament is now 50 (including the 2 seats won by the Scottish National Party and one by Plaid Cymru).

As for my own voting "intentions": The Estonian Green Party didn't win a seat, but the Belgian Greens got 3 (with a stunning almost quarter of the vote in mainly the French speaking part, making it the third biggest party in Wallonia) and the Luxembourg Greens got one.

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