February 05, 2010

Vostok Lake

Last night the choice for showbusiness lovers was a tough one in Auckland: AC/DC or Vostok Lake.
So off we went to the Indie Club in Hobson Street for the CD launch tour of Daphne Lawless's latest music project of Small Group Psychosis.
A coterie of hardcore fans were summoned to the upstairs bar room and the $10 entry charge got you a copy of the CD too. (I bet AC/DC fans who forked out $160 for their ticket only got a wet beer towel in the neck).
So it's Daphne onstage with her assortment of keyboards and laptops to produce an eclectic array of vaguely 1980s synth-pop sounding songs, but with more angst. Sort of Stranglers' organ meets inter-generational and sibling issues.
Well worth checking out. Tour itinerary and dates here.

UPDATE: Encore gig at the Indie Club, 68 Hobson Street, Aukland, on Thursday 18 March 8.30pm


Genevieve said...

Not relevant to this post at all, but thought you might enjoy this video. Thought of your blog when I saw it.

Uroskin said...

Yes, the Knackebroedsdansen was the best talent ever. Not a chance of ever getting something like that on other talent shows outside Sweden.