February 05, 2010

Fisking Garth George

Garth "Vader" George had another burst of verbal diarrhoea recently:
There are three things I acknowledge, and accept that they exist, but which I have never been able, for the life of me, to get my head around. They have always remained far beyond my understanding, no matter how much I ponder them or how old I get.
How many words do you need to say "WTF?" Garth is obviously on a per-word-published-fee at the Herald. Or is he making up for all the words he took from others before?
The first is child abuse, paedophilia and cruelty to domestic animals;
Note the rider in there: domestic animals. Cruelty, neglect, crating, slaughterhouses for farm animals get his blessing, or at least he does understand.
the second is male homosexuality;
I, for the life of me, have never been able to get my head around male heterosexuality either. Our Garth shows himself much the Victorian (as in Queen) he always has aspired to, even down to the denial of the existence of female homosexuals, much like the old Queen did. Or are there no visible lesbians in Rotorua? I'm sure he's yodelled along with the Topp Twins for years.
and the third is vegetarianism.
Which explains his obvious understanding and approval of slaughterhouse animals and their treatment.
every time I encounter a vegan or vegetarian (I'm told there's a difference) I simply shake my head in wonder.
This from a man who claims to know and taste the difference between pies in New Plymouth, Rotorua and all points south, but has no idea of two of mankind's oldest cultural (and often religious) traits.
Then comes a long litany of recent domestic animal cruelty, which I will spare you because it upsets me too and should lead to unspeakable punishment of the perpetrators, involving the future inability to reproduce, lest they perpetuate their animal cruelty gene line. On that score Garth and I are in agreement.
But strangely enough, he seems to want to exempt any animal farmer from the same standards. The Ministry of Agriculture very much follows this line already with barely any prosecutions despite the harrowing cases that have come to light. I guess Garth's inability to distinguish between vegetarians and vegans stems from the fact that he ignores how they land on his plate (or in his pie)

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