June 17, 2011

Upholding classical traditions

The classical Greeks would have approved, not of the team sport, but of the attire. The annual Nude Blacks versus Welsh Leeks rugby match was played again on a wintry Dunedin pitch. Now if only the World Cup would be played like this, we wouldn't make a loss on match attendance or TV viewership. It would no doubt truly be a stadium of 4 million for the boys!

Match report here.

Video (no silly pixillation!) on demand here.

Earlier edition reports here.

UPDATE: The Nude Blacks played another match, this time against a Fijian team (in silly lavalavas). 25 minute match video report here. Complete with haka!

UPDATE 2: A mixed match with Spanish ladies is far less successful in my opinion, but you can have a look here yourself.


Anonymous said...

Grand.. ;-D

Elly said...

ace I saw Mark S's post about this tradition that you told him about.