September 04, 2004

Fisking Garth "Vader" George

The Herald's resident old doddery Garth was at it again this week, a few choice extracts:
Most New Zealanders are uncomfortable with the idea of giving an unnecessary legitimacy to same-sex relationships.
It's only a hunch of his, though. He probably did a straw poll in his Avondale Heights RSA.
There are only 10,000 New Zealanders in such relationships - less than a minuscule 0.25 per cent of our entire population.
There are only 10,000 New Zealanders in Gore. Shall we use the last of the Kupe gas to get rid of them and thus remove the hillbilly stain it smirches on our national image?
There is no need to give same-sex couples a status in law similar to that of married couples, because a few minor changes to existing law would overcome the most often trotted out excuses.
Which is exactly what the Omnibus Bill does.
The spearhead of opposition to the Civil Union Bill has come into the hands of the Destiny Church, whose leaders have never learned the lesson that it's not what you say but how you say it that counts.
And Garth has mastered that art so well he is allowed spout his opinion in dulcet tones in the biggest newspaper in New Zealand; gets paid for it; and gets readers to pay for it.
Geez, that's one better on Brian Tamaki (but our Brian is on the main television channel, he doesn't need newspapers - the image comes before the Word at the Destiny Church).
It's a pity that Destiny has received so little support from other church groups and denominations.
Another reader of the newspaper suggested the reason for this: "With all this business about civil unions, I am just thankful that the Anglican Church's founder, Henry VIII, and his wife Catherine of Aragon, and his wife Anne Boleyn, and his wife Jane Seymour, and his wife Anne of Cleves, and his wife Katherine Howard, and his wife Catherine Parr are no longer here to suffer through this assault on traditional Christian marriage." Nuff said!
The heterophobic homosexual community [...] is geared to react at a moment's notice to even the mildest criticism of its lifestyle and aspirations.
Oh George, don't do yourself down! "mildest"? You disappoint me. Give me some vitriolic criticism! Maybe you amuse me then.
Poor Whakahuihui Vercoe, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in New Zealand, who gave from his heart his view of homosexuality.
That poor old senile sod was dealt with by the gay mafia ages ago.
I would bet a year's salary that if a referendum were held tomorrow on whether the bill should be passed, the answer would be a resounding "no" by a huge majority.
If you held a referendum to bring in stringing up all those promiscuous non-procreative gays, or all those promiscuous and very procreative other minorities, or just to get rid of Asian drivers, you'd get an easy majority too. Nice to see George spelling out that he's in favour of majoritarian rule rather than democracy. Our society and politics are in safe hands with pensioners like George who have nothing to do all day but think up the latest thing that might frighten their horses.
This is not a human rights issue, not a moral issue, not a religious issue: it is simply a physical issue [...] to ensure the continuation of the human race by the procreation of children.
Can I be the celebrant presiding over the dissolution of Garth George's marriage, since his wife, being post-menopausal, is incapable of doing the proper physical thing and breed? Their marriage, by Ol' George's logic, is a sham and can't be legally recognised anymore as his couplings can't result in any breeding.
My guess is that this "biological" basis of marriage laws is just a ruse by dirty old men who want to shack up with younger women, since there is a better chance of procreation.

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