January 20, 2005

Bernice and Dion endorse New Zealand flag change

My fellow Waiheke Islanders, Bernice Mene and Dion Nash, once upon a time sports stars / now part time TV announcers/advertisers power couple, have joined the campaign to change the New Zealand flag.
I never cared much about cricket or netball, the chosen metiers of said power couple (players wear far too many clothes), but Dion is one of the best looking males on our island, so every mention deserves a plug. He's got stiff competition though!

As far as the flag thing is concerned, I think it's a good idea to change and the alternatives on offer are varied, colourful and original but I have a difficult time choosing one to replace our colonial flutterer.
Here are my (current) favourites:

My all-time favourite isn't actually on the list of alternatives. (It was used as the symbol for the Commonwealth Games in Christchurch some decades ago, and now also used on t-shirts by a local label designer):

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