January 27, 2005

Grey Lynn bus stop configuration

Who on earth decides on the siting of bus stops, and why are they always at the maximum inconvenience for bus users?
In Grey Lynn, along the Surrey Shops on Gt North Road, several bus lines converge and then split off to downtown either via Gt North Rd or Williamson Ave. When you want to catch a bus to downtown, you basically have to gamble which one will turn up first and choose your bus stop. There is no way to be able to catch the first one to turn up.
Re-siting the bus stop along Gt North Rd in front of the Civic Video store would be a simple and elegant solution, but my guess is that it is simply too elegant a solution to be implemented - especially since only 2 years ago the roading people redesigned the current bus stops at great expense. Those road and stop designers obviously never take a bus!
Any other examples in your area?

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