January 26, 2005

News from home

It's a long-standing joke that Dutch people go to Belgium if they want to have a decent meal, and now it has been confirmed again that Belgium is one of the top culinary destinations in the world. The Michelin Guide for ultra-foodies has awarded a further 9 stars to Belgian restaurants, and now has three 3-star eateries, which means they are vaut le voyage ("worth the trip").
The Flemish version of the news item has a dig at Dutch cuisine, because they only got two 2-star restaurants. Luxembourg has one 2-star establishment.
I miss Belgian soulfood here in New Zealand, but I'm luckily well taken care off, and the Belgian pubs in New Zealand all deserve stars too, such as the ones I've been to: The Occidental in Vulcan Lane, De Fontein in Mission Bay, De Post in Mt Eden, Leuven in Wellington. (A complete New Zealand list)
Disclaimer: I have always paid for my meals there.

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