January 11, 2005

Don't fence me in

I never went to boarding school, so I luckily missed out on all the "compulsory rugby and homosexuality" (dixit Julian Clary), but my boyfriend did. He never indicated any shenanigans going on, especially of the sort that fuels fantasies about such places, apart from the teasing and nicknaming.
But now Johann Hari tried to dig a little deeper into the trauma, rape, homophobia, institutional support for heterosexuality, and some positive experiences of former pupils.
I wonder if the NZ Herald will reprint this particular article of his as they have done in the past, considering the final lines:
"Boarding school and gay boys go together like Michael Barrymore and swimming pool gang-bangs. You just know it’ll end in disaster."
Michael Barrymore is nowadays a new New Zealander and a columnist for the Herald on Sunday newspaper. We presume his swimming pool is fenced, as per the law here. Not that the swimming pool fencing law is there to prevent gang-bangs! (We're not that backward here)

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