February 14, 2005

The Big Gay Out

The annual gay meet and greet fest was on again yesterday in Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier. A chance to catch up with friends, old friends, trade, one-night-stands and new acquaintances, a bit like a giant sexual networking extravaganza, but in daylight hours. This year with extra frisson due to a religious protest by local Baptists, who insisted on preaching to the incontrovertible, or whatever the label is for those that will burn in hell anyway. A bit sad really, because if they were smart about things like marketing their beliefs to the naked and the tattooed, they would be running a stall like all the other assorted businesses touting for the pink dollar. I guess that would attract less TV crews in their wake, but hey, having a TV crew in tow at the Big Gay Out is so last year.
We were too late for the Prime Minister's speech, she was off with the Swedish Prime Minister to a nature sanctuary later in the afternoon. Mayor Dick Hubbard kissed a drag queen, trying to make up for his naive gaffe over signing a letter opposing the civil union bill and being nasty to gay parents in general. I'm not sure whether he succeeded in righting past wrongs.
Highlight of the afternoon was, apart from getting another date (by txt, no less!) with my fuck buddy whom I hadn't seen for a while, and a community karaoke country singing event with the Topp Twins. I asked the Toppies whether they would consider running for Mayor again next time, and their answer came in the form of what they told Mayor Hubbard:
Watch out for your job next time, Dick!
In all, it was a colourful and relaxed afternoon in the park, gorgeous boys and gorgeous men, hell, even gorgeous drag queens: big shout out to Miss PollyFilla, who got the crowds rocking and dancing like Cher, and the scary black-clad one wearing an "Enough is Enough" t-shirt.

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