February 23, 2005

Sex and sport in the news

Sports training and male bonding as proxy for Sex.Ed.101:
"Young hopefuls tackle taboo issues head-on: On day two of the NRL rookie camp, the focus was on attitudes towards women and "managing social sexual encounters". Or as one player put it simply: "How to treat women."
The discussions in the workshop were open, raw and honest.
Penrith's Garrett Crossman said the players participated with enthusiasm. "As an NRL player, especially as a young bloke, it was a great seminar," he said. "There was a lot of frank discussion about some situations people got themselves into and what you should do. It was an eye-opener. [...] All the workshops make you aware of your responsibility to the game. It's more than just strapping on the boots and playing a game of footy."
And then, after the prize giving, this:
"The Newcastle Knights NRL club last night sacked one player and issued fines totalling $50,000 following a drunken rampage in a university dormitory in the NSW town of Bathurst at the weekend.
After two days of investigations and a marathon board meeting that stretched into last night, the Knights terminated 20-year-old Dane Tilse's contract for conduct "contrary and prejudicial to the club and the NRL".
Newcastle officials announced 12 players had received the largest fines in the club's history following the breach of a 3am curfew in which club members allegedly rampaged through a dormitory at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst after a trial game on Saturday night.
One un-named student described on radio how a player allegedly assaulted a student as she slept.
"He then went back towards the door, saw her on her bed face down, climbed on top of her, straddled her and began to touch her inappropriately," she said
Police were yet to receive an official complaint and said they had no evidence to support claims of an indecent assault.
During the disturbance, a fire extinguisher was let off and a bicycle was damaged."
Now here are some coaching games for all you budding football coaches out there that need to get the sexual energy and the demon seed out of their charges, without the involuntary involvement of sleeping females. (Of course, Dane Tilse can fondle me whenever he wants when I'm sleeping)

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