March 10, 2005

Sex in the news

News item:
"New Zealand cricketer Daryl Tuffey's career appears to be on a knife-edge after two British tourists allegedly filmed him having sex with a Christchurch woman.
Tuffey appeared before the New Zealand Cricket disciplinary board in Christchurch yesterday charged with bringing the game into disrepute.
New Zealand Cricket is revealing few details about the misconduct charge but The Press understands it relates to a video tape filmed by two British men, Paddy Curtis and Archie Brookbank, both aged 19, and shows Tuffey having sex with a Christchurch woman.
Sources told The Press yesterday that the sex was consensual."
Shouldn't that read: The Cricket board was charged with bringing consensual sex into disrepute? If a guy can't perform, on camera, hot, loving, hetero sex with a woman who actually likes him, without affecting his sporting career, should he just stick to bashing his woman instead, because then you can get away with it plus be granted name suppression?

Addendum: I was thinking about it a bit more. If New Zealand advertising companies had any sense of humour, they should replace Michael Jones with Daryl Tuffey in their ads promoting milk drinking, and use the footage from the video him showing off his milk moustache. And the Beige Brigade could add a milk moustache to their outfits, celebrating NZ cricket through thick and thin, or should that be: milkshakes and calci-trim.

UPDATE: Tuffey has been fined $1,000 for his bedroom efforts. I'd give him a medal for promoting cricket as a sport that heterosexuals can play without being branded sissies by rugby players with an anger management problem.
Oh, and welcome to the 300+ visitors to this blog after googling Tuffey.

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