April 16, 2005

Something for the weekend, Sir?

This caused me to almost wet myself when reading it.
"When hugging or kissing your faith partner, you may have noticed a little something getting hard inside his pants. It's called the penis and it means he wants to marry you! It's perfectly safe so long as he keeps it inside his pants. You can grab it, stroke it, squeeze it, or rub yourself against it like a fevered dog. Trust us, he won't mind a bit! Simply continue to rub, squeeze and fondle your faith partner through his jeans until he promises to marry you. It's that easy!"
Sex Ed at my school wasn't half as much fun! And, I swear to God, I shuddered to read what faith-fucking is. But Anal Abstinence and Cluster-Trusting are a hoot!
(via Patriotboy)

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