April 19, 2005

Gluttony weekend

It was one of those lazy, Indian Summer, still, blue sky, balmy weekends New Zealand is rightly famous for this time of year. A feast was made from a big pheasant caught in the vineyard nets, then lovely marinaded in local red wine, preceded by freshly harvested island oysters and a bottle of bubbly. Surely paradise was meant to be like this.
Even watching television afterwards didn't seem too bad or arduous. Off Centre was on, normally a fairly moronic US teen sitcom, brought to you by the producers of the American Pie film series, but this week featuring a thing that poked my interest: a nude male gym. Now this would get me to pay attention to my physique situation and urge me to improve on it. But, helas, I have not found any gym that fulfils my requirements of being able to exercise as the Greeks and the meaning of their word gymnasium have intended. I'm no sweaty lycra gym bunny, yuck!
In a future episode, the "British" lead character (Sean Maguire, that lovely Irish football laddie on EastEnders a decade ago) will have his possession of a foreskin questioned in said gym. As a good Irish lad, we can be almost certain his meat was intact in reality. The transcript complete with commentary on what the circumcision terms mean is here.
Why are American males so jealous of everything they can't have?

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