May 19, 2005

Superannuated schoolboys come out of the closet to...

accuse their former German teacher, current Labour MP David Benson-Pope, of handling their classroom antics with a fitting diet of punishments. You know, throwing tennis balls at their pimply heads, and a general thrashing and caning, as schoolmasters have been wont to over the ages. Now twenty-odd years later they come running to fat "phat" daddy Rodney Hide ACT MP and favourite agony aunty Judith Collins National MP, crying the evil schoolmaster has given them some tough love.
The irony, of course, that those parties that are decrying Benson-Pope are full of tough love thugs baying for a return of CP to schools and demonise any suggestions to restrict parental rights to beat their children.
And it's good to see our good friend and fisking partner, Garth "Vader" George, reminisces longingly of schooldays past.

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