June 30, 2005

Sizzla fizzla

One in the eye for homophobic Ethiopian dictator worshippers when 4th rate skank(er) Sizzla was barred from spreading his shit in Paris, not long after being stopped at the border in Britain (for vileness, I hope).
It's one thing for slum dwellers to try to better their lives by using their talent to emerge from the primordial soup that is Kingston, Jamaica, but why on earth do they expect us faggots to pay for their passage if all that comes out of their mouths is only marginally different from what comes out of their arse?
And you have to wonder about their marketing skills because who on earth enjoys this kind of stuff apart from fellow would-be fag killers such as Christians and Moslems (and they hate reggae!). Rastas deserve better but are they now also part of the Coalition of the Circumcised [c]?
It's obvious smoking dope didn't liberate their minds, never mind their arses.

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