March 03, 2006

Gay for pay?

A new craze is sweeping the gay internets: the insatiable demand for watching "straight guys" take it up the ass and getting paid for it. Getting paid for it by gay guys looking at it on their 'puters at home, or something. It has to be financed somehow. Fools and their cash need parting presto.
What I can't get my tiny brain around is the obvious fact that anyone shelling out good loot to see some hapless twink allegedly watching his alleged girlfriend on video, while being penetrated himself, is being portrayed and marketed by the pornographers as "straight".
Have you ever believed or taken anything a pornographer has filmed or written for real?
These guys deal in fantasies and I see no good reason to believe all they peddle is anything else but another fantasy. And please spare me those corny biographies accompanying the photo shoot. It makes for passable fiction but little else.
HomoMojo has a good take on it but Shimmy is confused by the whole issue.

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