June 13, 2006

Power blackout on Waiheke Island and in Auckland

It was an interesting day yesterday. Big snow storms down on the South Island and gale force winds in Auckland knocking out power lines.
Our island wasn't spared either but since it was my day off work I was little affected. Plus the power at our place only wobbled but never failed, unlike in other parts of the island where powerlines were blown over causing Oneroa, Onetangi and Palm Beach to enjoy the stormy weather without their customary hot cup of coffee.
The waves rolling in from the ocean were simply awesome, crashing into the rocky headlands that fringe the beaches and coming up to the roads near the beach. No surfers though.
Ferry sailings were cancelled between 8am and midday so for a while were truly marooned on our island. No rush on the supermarket though. But it was an interesting experience since Civil Defence after all its exercises and rapid response training basically said that everybody will have to rely on themselves to get through any emergency. No cavalry will come ride over the hills to your rescue (or gunships off the coast, in our case).

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