July 11, 2006

Are you glad it's over?

A wonderful new tradition should take root when your football team wins: wave your shorts in the air and jump/dive around like you just don't care.
And what could that Italian have said to Zidane to turn him from a mild-mannered non-practicing Muslim man into a clinically controlled headbutter within a few seconds? Possibly something to do with his mother, as in an Italian version of "y tu Mama tambien" - after all, these Italians know a thing or two about mother fixations. Or something about "terrorism", which indicates the Italians were actually dead scared of him.
But Zidane got his golden ball anyway and well-deserved too.

UPDATE: The taunts by the Italian included references to his mother, terrorism and cast aspersions on his whakapapa. I'm amazed and I admire Zidane's restraint in his reaction. Great headline in the Mirror: Why ZZ Blew His Top

Picture via Queer Beacon.
Oh La La Paris has some more fun pix of soccer players in underpants.

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