July 11, 2006

Sand in the lube is murder

Some good news from the South Pacific, for a change: (via Gaynz.com)
The Fijian High Commissioner says gay men will not be arrested for consensual sex in Fiji, allaying the fears of Labour’s Rainbow Caucus, which arose after the Out Takes Reel Queer Film Festival offered a prize of a trip for two to Fiji. The offer of the prize had come under fire by LGBT advocates, as a letter from the Fijian High Commission, published in ‘Express’ newspaper, had stated that gay sex was illegal and men could be arrested.
This was in spite of the ruling of Fiji’s High Court that found that the anti-gay laws were unconstitutional. Labour MP Maryan Street asked the Fijian High Commission for clarification on the issue, and has just received a reply.
However, Fiji maintains a ban on entry for HIV positive people.
We're off to Rarotonga soon. No gay nookie allowed there either, but nobody cares there what you do.

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