July 06, 2006


"How many women have you had who didn't cry or you didn't have to pay?"
The HBO/BBC series "Rome" has just started screening here and hugely enjoyable it is. My only quibble is that they should have spoken Latin instead of English, because then I could have moaned about why I couldn't have a series like that to enliven my Latin lessons at high school.
Ewen noticed that the plants in Atia's atrium would not have been known to the Romans as philodendrons are native to rainforests, mostly in America. I guess they had to get something wrong to satisfy the armchair pedants like us.
I don't find the the language used, or the sex and violence shocking or inappropriate. I just wish they could do a similar series on ancient Greece, the Olympics and those Greek vices that even shocked and appalled the Romans.
The character with the most interesting name is Erastes Fulmen (or: Thunderbolt Male Arse Fucker).
The totty award so far is for Ray Stevenson (left in the picture) as Titus Pullo, who draws a mean cock picture on his cell wall - hopefully from life.

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