February 17, 2007

Stating the bleeding obvious

There was loud wailing in the corridors of power this week and much gnashing of teeth over a UNICEF report [PDF] that places New Zealand (and a few other Anglo-saxon countries) near the bottom of the list of child welfare in developed countries.
But when the newspaper headline on the same day said this:
Teen driver defied parents and took car with no warrant
A 15-year-old learner driver who ploughed into a group of children had been given strict instructions by his parents not to drive his new car because it had failed a warrant of fitness.
But the teen defied his parents after deciding he wanted to go and buy fish and chips down the road.
His decision to get into the unwarranted car on Thursday, despite being on a learner licence, has left a 3-year-old girl fighting for her life and four others nursing a range of injuries.
you can't miss the bloody obvious: children in New Zealand get killed in accidents in large numbers because they are allowed to drive cars from age 15 and are not safe on the roads due to lack of separate foot and cycle paths and a viable public transport system. Not rocket science.

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