March 02, 2007

Are you tough enough?

UKTV started broadcasting the BBC series "SAS - Are You Tough Enough?" in which members of the public, who have something to prove to themselves or others, go through a 10-day simulated SAS military training session. Never mind the test period is far tougher for real soldiers who wish to join that regiment, the amateurs still kept dropping like flies. Nothing like some real SM games to spice up your life, I suppose.
The star of the show is, of course, the Scottish drill sergeant Eddie Stone, who never has to raise his voice to bark orders, but who was surprisingly coy in his assessment of why women were really unsuited for the SAS. All down to anatomical and physiological difference between the genders, apparently. None of the band of brothers / buddy bonding stuff you would really have expected as a justification.
And there's not enough of presenter Dermot O'Leary with his shirt off for my liking (pictured - and mentioned on a long list of Britons, who are gay or have caused the anti-gay movement a lot of damage. I'm not sure what category he fits into, but I wouldn't kick him out of my bed).
He should have joined in the fun to give a first hand report of the experience rather than sitting snugly on the sideline. He should make a reality TV show one day about the soldiers who moonlight as gay porn stars. Would he be tough enough for that? Or will he have to call in assistance from Mark Simpson for that assignment?

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