March 27, 2007

Sex in the news

The fascination with cop sex isn't over yet in New Zealand. Hot on the heels of the past rape court cases, the newspapers, here and overseas, were full of reports of home-made videos of "cops having group sex in a sadomasochistic style with a willing woman":
"The image of New Zealand Police has taken a fresh battering, after a video tape emerged apparently showing three officers engaged in group sex.
A woman who appeared in the hour-long video unearthed by the Sunday News has said on another occasion she acted the part of a "victim" during a "controlled rape" sex-role play with an officer.
The encounter captured on film reportedly took place in 2001, although the woman claims she engaged in group sex with police from the mid-1990s until as late as 2003, sometimes while the police were on duty."
No wonder the middle classes were shocked (SHOCKED! I say) to hear their favourite boys in blue getting up to non-Presbyterian sex play, but for us who think the police are doing their best to give group sex a bad name, it's all a bit ho-hum. We'll reserve judgment until the video appears on YouTube.

What is interesting is that the group sex play alluded to involving cops is always of the "multiple male plus single female" variety. Any healthy straight boy fantasising about group sex always think of pleasuring several girls (as in the "Two Girls For Every Boy" song), not sharing one with his buddies. So is this particular form of group sex typical of buddy systems like the police (and other examples like football clubs) and that group sex, i.e. watching each other fuck, essentially serves to encourage male bonding instead of being about sex per se?

In an ironic twist, the SPCS (Society for the Protection of Community Standards) wants the video to be classified by the Chief Censor. Never mind it was not made for distribution nor destined for the festival circuit but made for the privacy of the cops' home, so I'm not sure whether Censor Bill has any powers here anyway.

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