July 19, 2007

Winter warmers

Since the weather lately hasn't been too kind to us there is very little else to do but to watch what is on the dreaded gogglebox, perchance finding some totty worth whiling the night away with. And so there was this week:
Jamie Maguire (Aaron McCusker) in "Shameless". Yes, move over, Lip, and your fucking of stick insects. What were you thinking?
No, give us our Jamie instead, perving very convincingly on Katie Jackson fucking the delivery man and humping her dress while sleepwalking nude. Makes you go "hmmmmmmm" thinking he spent 10 years in jail. Who was his very, very lucky cell mate experiencing that every night! Nice dark down-covered arse too.

And there was the "Midsomer Murders" episode featuring champion rower Henry (Owain Yeoman) preening himself in a very metrosexual way before his date with his blond girlfriend and proudly showing off his package in his well-cut corduroy trousers (this is a terribly middle class series after all) when confronting his coach of a certain age.
His classically looking head landed him a role in "Troy" as Lysander, the captain of the Trojan army. He can sleep any time in my tent on the battle field.

Ewen insisted on adding Peter Pascoe (Colin Buchanan from "Dalziel & Pascoe") to the totty lineup, and who am I to refuse? Big chested, constantly brooding and looking amazing at age 40. Who wants to resist that? And it gets better: IMDB reports that before becoming an actor, he worked as a builder, a delivery man and sang in a couple of bands.

Do you think there is a common thread in our taste in men?

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