November 30, 2007


Adolescent Australian angst is usually the stuff of world famous and world popular soaps like Home & Away, whose characters manage to populate the screens for years night after night without becoming any clearer what they are about. So I was a little apprehensive whether a full length film would shed any better light on the hormonally murky world of high school students. I wasn't greatly disappointed with 2:37 last night on Rialto TV, even though most of the characters were like cardboard cut out cliches: the bed wetting weirdo, the geek with issues, and the jock with issues. And that's only a few of the boys. And there wasn't a happy girl in the whole school.
I must thank the Director of Photography for being so considerate and lingering on the beautiful torso of Sam Harris (the one in the centre of the picture). A truly magnificent adolescent specimen, unafraid to proudly show off his tiny nipples for more than half of his scenes. If only his character had the same courage regarding his sexual desires.
So, totty award, of course, to Sam Harris.

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