November 08, 2007

The joy of heterosexuality

Need any more proof or convincing that heterosexuality needs to be outlawed? Have a look at the following story from the North Jersey Media Group:
"23-year-old Anthony Merino was arrested on Sunday after a security guard found him having sex with the corpse of a 92-year-old woman in the morgue of Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ. Anthony was a part-time lab tech there.
He was charged with desecrating human remains in the second degree and his bail was set at $400,000. If convicted the charge carries a maximum sentence of 10-years in prison and a $100,000 fine."

The guy, inevitably, has a MySpace site, the news report said. He looks quite hot in his pictures, in a New Jersey kind of way, I suppose, and I'd gladly play dead he wants to have his wicked way with me too. Although I can't guarantee they could prise him from my cold dead hands.

But really, fucking a 92 year old female corpse, where did he get this idea from?

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