June 02, 2008

Queer eye for the subcultural guy

It's Winter so it's time for snug clothing after a truly spectacular Summer this year. Now the Youth Week 2008 campaign has launched a day to wear hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) to show you care about contemporary youth, whatever that means. Seen by conservatives as the latest fashion scare to build a moral panic around, I hadn't really noticed how a practical winter garment it really is, even though it's hardly sexy fashion.
Last night I saw a fan on the boat wearing a patterned hoodie trimmed with fur, Corey Delaney-style minus the yellow sunglasses (left). It looked as if the chilly Winter evening was kept well at bay, unless you looked further down and noticed he was wearing board shorts and jandals too. Obviously he could not really say goodbye to Summer yet.

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