November 26, 2008

Flat earthers on a recruitment drive

The shorter Owen McShane:
"[Brian Rudman] quotes global sea level rises, which are no more than a statistical artifact with no relationship to what is happening on our own coastlines, where tectonic plate and earthquake movements have far more impact."
Translation: Since the Pacific Plate is sinking underneath the Australasian Plate, New Zealand's sea levels are sinking too.
"Also, sea level rising has slowed, not increased as Rudman claims. Sadly, many councils have rushed to regulate coastal development on the basis of these global predictions even though actual measurements show their local sea levels are falling rather than rising."
Translation: Muddle the use of present continous and past tenses to confuse the average reader. The "rising has slowed" is not the same as "levels are falling rather than rising".
"Much "global warming" has been "assisted" by downright fraud and alarmist claims."
Translation: Greenland isn't melting, the glaciers aren't receding. It's all an optical illusion (much like the impression that the earth is round) or a vast leftwing green conspiracy against capitalism.

The Kaukapakapa Green must be strong stuff.

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