November 26, 2008

Pantsdown for a good cause

Belgian TV station Een organised a competition for nude calendars, with entering groups able to donate the profits of their effort to the charity of their choice.
All sorts of professionals took part, from hair dressers to car enthusiasts to nurses to women rugby players. But it wasn't difficult to guess that the top prize went to the firemen from Hasselt (pictured).
The Fotomuseum in Antwerpen is staging an exhibition of all the entries.
A short video report of the proceedings here.

It's that time of year again, I hear you say correctly. So here's the 2009 New Zealand Firefighters calendar with proceeds going to the Child Cancer Foundation.

If you want to research a broader array of men's calendars from around the world, please proceed to here and here (don't let the fact that these sites are in Polish put you off, we can all speak the international language of lust). Links via Abiekt.

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