November 28, 2008

Fisking Garth "Vader" George

Our favourite pensioner commentator in his latest message from the pulpit is blaming the murder of Nia Glassie by her extended family as an outcome of our liberal, secular, hedonist culture and an inevitable outcome since society allowed mixed flatting, gays and contraceptive rights.
The usual convoluted logic is applied to blame modern society, to absolve any pre-1960s society (since no-one got murdered, no child was abused and no drugs were consumed before that dread decade) and to push for a return to paternalistic, repressive and inquisitorial social and familial structures.
The truth, of course, is far simpler in most cases of child abuse and child murder: males who are not genetically related to the children in their household are the greatest threat to the safety of those children. Lions also kill all offspring of their predecessor in their newly acquired pride. It's a simple biological genetic impulse. Not one which should ever be condoned, of course, but certainly bears no relationship with female reproductive rights, the availability of abortion or any of the other "1960s horrors".
(Not that I would absolve any females a priori: Chris and Cru Kahui's parents are arguments against heterosexuality per se.)
In the Glassie case our Garth should look at it much clearly as it is really simple too: if Wiremu and Michael Curtis's mother had had access to safe termination, the world would now be a better place. Those scumbags are the best arguments for legal abortion.

UPDATE 1: The father of the Curtis murder duo got convicted for bashing Nia too. I hope he can watch the fruit of his loins being punked nightly in gaol.

UPDATE 2: Garth George got his arse truly whupped too by some overseas feminists at Feministing who stumbled on his ramblings and sent him dozens of juicy emails. So juicy he filled his latest column with a sample of them. He thinks he has the last laugh by collecting his column fee by getting his readers to write it for him. But the comments are way more apt and readable and funny than what he has ever committed to paper. My favourite one: "When I grow up I want to get paid to write bullshit too." My fisking is small beer compared to those ballbusting ladies!

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