December 28, 2008

Another reason to come to Waiheke Island

The bi-annual Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition is opening next month and will run from 23 January to 15 February.
It's always a mixed bag of delightful, baffling, silly, whimsical, but definitely expensive sculptural art. So it may not be to your liking but it's worth a visit for the walk along the cliffs on the southern side of Matiatia Bay. My advice is: choose a late afternoon when the sun sets over the city, bring a picnic and some expensive local wine.

The first sculpture you will meet on arrival is one that has been in place since mid-December. It's cleverly disguised as a gangway connecting the pier with the ferries. But you would be fooled as to think this is a useful, efficient and practical solution to the bottle neck that is ferry embarkation. Several ferries do not have the correct upper deck exit gates that line up with the sculpture, so often it's a structure that has to be admired from afar rather than tactilely enjoyed, a good example of expensive ($360,000!) public art.

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