December 27, 2008

Over 5 years of blogging

...and I finally made the official NZ Blogosphere list rankings for the first time ever, coming in at number 67 (with a bullet?).
Something must have gone wrong in their counting because their statistics underestimate my daily visits by about 150%. If they had used the correct (publicly available) traffic figures I would have been at number 33.
Not bad for a blog that had the compiler of the list (and former axe thrower), Tim Selwyn, remarking in the past on why my blog hadn't been included before:
"It's just a prejudice about mixing porn and blogging that stops me. That's my fault - not yours."
So now I'm officially inducted as a "public discourse" blog. And I'm proud I'm the only gay in the top 100.

Oh, and thank you, all of the 261,000 over three years, for visiting here. I hope you got what you were looking for.

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