December 26, 2008

Hope your annus wasn't too miserabilis

I trust you are all having safe and sane holidays. I'm rostered on duty over Christmas but will have some days off over the New Year period.
A silly season for news no doubt but some things caught my eye.
It looks like the crime solution rate by the New Zealand police got a major boost this week. No, not an increase in convictions for appalling child abuse. Chance would be a fine thing!
Instead the courts convicted a man, who
"stood on a bridge and exposed his genitals to people boating on the Avon, that the boat contained a five-year-old girl, her mother, and grandfather."
It was all part of National Nude Day but that didn't sway the cops or the judge, who gaoled him for four months.
To me it looks like in New Zealand it's easier to get away with killing a child than waving your willie at them.

Best wishes for 2009 anyway.

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